Daniela Upshaw
Fashion Designer

March 2013 -  I was one of eight finalist designers from Indianapolis chosen to participate in the fashion showcase during the Cameron Carpenter concert on Saturday, March 9th at the Palladium in Carmel, Indiana.  This was the official kick off event for the Midwest Fashion Week.


The design that I presented has three pieces and includes a cape and a suit. This is a one of a kind cape made of fur and black satin all lined inside.  It is playful, fun, different and makes you feel free.  You will definitely be noticed!  When you take off the cape, underneath is a very sophisticated suit with edgy design elements on the shoulder and in the bottom of the pants. The cape and the suit can be worn together or separately.  The suit individually is suitable for an evening or a business event.

Collection 2012

Video: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhXhALNXVDI

My first fashion show in the United States with a three piece mini-collection was presented in Indianapolis on June 1st 2012 at the fashion design competition event - Unzip the Runway.

The name of the collection is "Day and Night" - The elegant beauty created by blending contrast and asymmetry.

The first piece is a top with pants. It is made of a beautiful black and red taffeta decorated with black velvet roses. The outfit is young and very chic with an interesting braided black and red twist element that makes it looks unique. Size 0.

The second piece is an evening dress made of black and white stretch velvet. This classy and playful outfit with sparkles between the lines make it perfect for a cocktail or party event.
Size 2-4. 

The third piece is a special occasion couture dress. Made of black and cream satin, hand decorated with black roses and pearls on the front and beautifully made buttons on the back. This dress will make everyone behind you turn to look! The purse is hand made from the dress materials and decorated with pearls. Size 2.

At the Unzip the Runway event there were sixteen competing designers. This collection received the best prize - The Audience Favorite!

The collection also received the 5th place prize at the competition.