Daniela Upshaw
Fashion Designer

I am born with this...  It's in me...

I am from Bulgaria and have more than 20 years experience with clothing.
I discovered my passion for fashion design when I was 14 years old.
Then I started making clothes for myself and having visions for fashion designs.
The inspirations came from the beauty of the nature, flowers, music or often just from simply looking at the fabric.

The fabric for me is like the canvas for the painter.
I am just the instrument and when the outfit is ready and I see how wonderfull the woman looks in it, it is like the sound of music.

You put yourself into it and it gives beauty back.
I hope that I will make a lot of pretty songs with my fashion designs for you!

Daniela Upshaw
Fashion Designer

Fortville, IN  46040
(317) 670-2181

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